Statewest Group was established with the organisational objective of delivering quality and reliability to the electrical sectors of mining, industry and government organisations. For mining operations, we offer in-house electrical management contracts focusing on minimal cost to the client while ensuring all legislative and statutory requirements are met.

Mine site and Commercial electrical

  • All underground, open pit and fixed plant electrical work to meet your requirements
  • Mine site maintenance and shutdowns
  • All maintenance
  • Projects
  • Site maintenance managements
  • Condition assessments
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Maintenance programs and schedules
  • Electrical care and maintenance management
  • Electrical projects and upgrades
  • Quarterly and annual inspections



  • Complete design, manufacturing, installation and operation for all your water requirements
  • Underground dewatering installations and maintenance
  • Bore pump installations and management
  • open pit dewatering and management
  • Bore fields installations and maintenance


Commercial LED Lighting

Premium high-bay range designed specifically for use in commercial and industrial applications.

  • Industrial workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Sports halls
  • Retail shops
  • Public spaces


Replace existing high-bay light fittings with new LED lights to

  • Improve work environment and visibility
  • Reduce ongoing energy costs
  • Return investment in approximately 12-14 months


Labour Hire

  • All electrical fixed plant and underground permanent and relief labour for remote or local work